Popular Services

Note: Popular Services are for home computer users only; business computer users please check out the Special Services. Prices maybe changed without any prior notice. All service costs described here do not include the cost of software, hardware or ISP. Prices are for services during Standard service hours only. We can provide software and hardware at additional costs if requested before our arrival. A trip charge of $19 will be applied for any service to home outside of San Jose city but within Santa Clara county or $29 to home outside Santa Clara county. An additional $19 charge will be applied for any pick-up service from your house.

Professional Computer Advice
Plan to buy a computer

Do computer technologies and specifications confuse you? Should you buy a new or used, desktop or laptop computer? Or you simply don't know what computer or software to buy for your children.

Our professionals can help you to sort through all the confusions and buy a computer system that will best fit your needs and budget.

Plan to upgrade your computer

If you are debating whether to upgrade or to buy a new computer system or whether your old computer hardware can handle Windows XP or Mac OS X Tiger, we can help you to stop debating and to make an informed decision.

Plan to get an Internet connection

Want to get an Internet connection but don't know which Internet connection fits what you need: dial-up, DSL, cable modem or anywhere-anytime connection. Our professionals can explain and give you advice on which connection will best serve your needs and fit your budget.



New Setup, Diagnostic and Maintenance
New Computer Setup

Whether it's a new PC or Mac, let us set it up for you from the begining to make sure everything works properly. If there is an Internet connection available, we will make sure your new computer is up-to-date with all critical patches and install a software title and a peripheral for you.

PC/Mac Diagnostic

Your computer misbehaves and you don't know what causes it. Let us find the cause and advice you on a solution to get your computer back to its normal working behavior.

Note: diagnostic only, additional charges will apply to correct the problems.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Only after we diagnose and confirm that your computer is infected with computer virus and/or spyware, we will remove them from your computer.

Note: apply to one computer only, diagnostic is extra, additional charges will apply to install software to prevent future infection.

Computer Maintenance/Optimization

If you notice your computer performance is slower than it used to, only after we diagnose and confirm that your computer just needs a maintenace, we will clean, tweak and/or optimize your computer software to restore or to improve its performance.

Note: apply to one computer and its software only, diagnostic is extra, we will make recommendation on hardware improvement if neccessary.



Wireless Network Setup

Having only one always-on Internet connection and more than one PC or Mac*. You want all the computers in your house to access the Internet using this one connection without running any cable. No problem, our professional will come to your home or office to set up your wireless network. The Wireless Network Setup includes:
  1. Install a router to an available Internet connection and applicable cards for 2 computers (wired or then wireless). Note: Any additional computer (more than 2) added to the network will be $49 per computer.
  2. Configure the router: Username/Password, SSID, WEP/WPA - to encrypt your network, and MAC address filtering - to allow only the computers you want to connect to your wireless network.
  3. Verify connections to make sure the networked computers can access the Internet and each other (if applicable).
Secure Wireless Network

Are you unsure about your wireless network security? Our professional can determine if someone can connect to your local wireless network or not and if all of your wireless communication is encrypted. If needed, AngelTech.US will encrypt your wireless communication with WEP and set up MAC address filtering to allow one computer to connect to your wireless network.

Note: Any additional computer (more than 1) added to the existing network will be $49 per computer

Remote Desktop Access

Do you want to access your desktop computer from anywhere at anytime without paying for any monthly service fee? AngelTech.US will set up a network system for you, so you can access files on your computer at work from your computer at home at anytime. Please contact us for this special service.

File and Printer Sharing Setup

If you have two local network computers and one printer, our professional will set them up, so your two computers can access shared files on one computer, and both of them can print to the printer.

Note: Any additional computer or sharing (more than 2) added will be $49

Network Storage Device (NAS) Setup

AngelTech.US will add a network storage device to your existing network so you can keep and share your files from one place. Our professional will add a network storage device to your wired network. We will make sure 1 computer (local wire or then wireless)  can access your new NAS.

Note: Any additional computer (more than 1) added to access your NAS will be $49

Add a Device to an Existing Network

Whether it’s wired or wireless, our professional will come out to your home or office to add your new computer or new network printer to your existing network. If it's a network printer, we will make sure that 1 computer (local wired or then wireless) can print to the new network printer. This service applies to one local computer or one network printer.

Note: Any additional computer (more than 1) added to the existing network will be $49



Anti-virus or Anti-spyware Install

Be proactive. Prevent computer virus or spyware before it infects your computer. AngelTech.US will install anti-virus or anti-spyware software on your PC. We will set it to receive the definition update automatically.

Note: we can install both anti-virus and anti-spyware at the same time for an additional $49. Additional charges will apply for removal of viruses or spyware that have already infected your computer.

Software Install

Not sure how to install a new software program that you want to use. Our professional will install your new software program on your PC and update it to the latest version if one is available, so you can run your new software program smoothly.

Note: additional charges will apply if your operating system does not function correctly and affect the software installation or function. Operating system installation is excluded.

Operating System Install

Want the latest Windows XP or OS X Tiger on your computer. AngelTech.US will help evaluate what operating system is right for you and make sure your new operating system is installed properly.



Memory Install

Whether your desktop PC is old or new, adding more memory or RAM to your computer system will improve the overall system performance. We will install one memory stick and test it to make sure it's error free.

Note: memory is not included.

Hard Drive Install

Lack of free space on your computer hard drive can degrade your computer performance. Or you simply need more storage for your digital pictures, music, movies and data. AngelTech.US will install one hard drive and make sure it works well with your existing hard drive.

Note: hard drive is not included.

CD/DVD Drive Install

Want to copy CD or DVD but your computer doesn't have a drive to do that. We will install a CD or DVD drive on your PC and make sure it works properly.

Note: CD/DVD drive is not included.

I/O Card Install

If you want to have a better graphic on your computer screen or a better sound for your favorite music, your computer video or sound card can be upgraded. Whether it's a video, sound or network card, we will install one card and test it out for you.

Note: hardware is not included.



Data Transfer

Whether you want to transfer data from your old computer to a new one or from your desktop to laptop, AngelTech.US will safely transfer the data for you and show you where they are located on a destination computer.

Data Backup

Are you worry about losing your important data? We will show you how to back up your important data to an external source like a CD, DVD or hard drive.

Note: additional charges will apply if you want us to set up an automatic data backup system, see Special Services for more details.



Basic Computer Usage Training

Learn face-to-face, one-on-one and hands-on about basic computer security, Internet or email usage in 60 minutes on your own computer and in the comfort of your home.