Business Services

Besides the Popular Services that mostly solve simple, desktop, or peer-to-peer computing issues and aim at helping home computer users, the Business Services solve more complex problems that often involve servers, client-to-server computing, or network infrastructure issues and aim at helping business computer users. If you have any request for business related computer or networking support needs, we usually propose a flat-fee service package to address your needs.

We can set up Active Directory or Open Directory server, file and printer sharing server, email server (Exchange, PostFix, etc.), web server (Apache, IIS, etc.) and many other servers from using an open source (free) UNIX or Linux operating system to using commercial Apple OS X or Microsoft Windows server operating system. Also, we can set up software and hardware firewall to protect your computer and network from intruders.

If you need a professional web site for your business or personal, we offer a professional web package with many features at a low and flat fee.

For those who prefer hourly rates, our rates are very competitive in the professional IT consulting business in the Silicon Valley that we believe you will agree. Please call or email us now if you need more information about our Business Services.