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Donee Suggestion List

If you don't know who to donate, please consider donating to orgarnizations in this list.

If you are a non-profit or charity organization that supports the poor and would like to be in this Donee Suggestion List, please read COMMON QUESTIONS for how to join.

List is in no paticular order and will be updated as we will establish mutual relationship with more organizations that support the poor.

Global Vision International - Charitable Trust (in United Kingdom)
Vinh Son Montagnard Orphanage (in USA)

To avoid scam, the Office of the Attorney General of State of California - Department of Justice provides us a safe way to search for a legitimate charity organization in California. Please use Charity Search link on their website to find a charity organization in California. For other locations in the US or around the world, please use your favorite search website like Google or Yahoo.

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