What is AngelTech.US's definition of "the poor"?

"The poor" or "people in need" are people who need basic shelter, food, clean water, clothes, education or health care to survive.

Can I really designate any poor person, non-profit or charitable organization located anywhere in the world for AngelTech.US to donate to?

For any poor person, yes. For a non-profit or charitable organization, yes as long as that organization supports the poor. However, if you are referred to us by a non-profit or charitable organization that supports the poor, we are obligated to donate the money to this organization.

My organization is a non-profit or charitable organization that supports the poor, how can my organization receive a donation from AngelTech.US?

If you refer people to us for computer support services that we offer, we will donate 50% of the after-tax service fees that we receive from them for our service during Standard hours to your organization. So the more people you refer to use our computer support sevices, the more tax-free money donation you receive from us when we get paid.

The easiest way for you to refer people to AngelTech.US is to put our website link on your website, and we can give you our business cards, so you can pass them out to target people that need computer support services. If you are interested in this easy reference program, please send us an email at

Even if you don't refer people to us, you still receive a donation from us if our customers designate your organization to receive it.

Why does AngelTech.US pay taxes up-front before donating its service fees to help the poor?

You may notice that we are NOT a non-profit organization. We have built this business to last by utilizing our profession to earn money to support our company so that we can support the poor at the same time. We want to pay tax up-front so that: (1) our donation non-501(c)(3) recipients and professionals do not have to worry about tax at all, (2) it simplifies our accounting and bookkeeping tasks, and (3) we also believe that tax is good because it pays for essential local, state and federal services that all of us (including the poor) use everyday where we live.

What is AngelTech.US liability tax rate for 2010?

According to our CPA, we should reserve 30% from our service fees to pay for all of our taxes.

Why are AngelTech.US standard service hours from 6PM - 10PM on weekdays and 10AM - 2PM on weekends?

Most AngelTech.US professionals are working full-time from 8AM - 5PM to make a living and spend time with their families on the weekend, so they can only work to help the poor during these standard service hours. However, we do provide services outside standard service hours at a higher rate fees (see Special Services under SERVICES and PRICING for more details).

What form of payment does AngelTech.US take?

We prefer a bank transfer or check; however, we also accept cash.

Does AngelTech.US guarantee its services?

Yes, all our professional services have a 30-day guaranty.

What do I need to know before I have an AngelTech.US professional visit my home or office?

A person of at least 18 years of age must be present during the entire time period that services are provided. AngelTech.US professionals must receive:(1) full access to the computer(s) and/or peripheral(s) to be serviced, (2) access to your residence, (3) your consent and cooperation to enter your residence or business, (4) a safe working environment, (5) working space, and (6) electrical power.

What can I expect when an AngelTech.US professional visits my home or office?

Upon arrival, our professionals are required to provide proper identification verifying himself or herself as a member of AngelTech.US (verbally as well as business card presentation). Upon completion of every visit, our professional will provide an understandable verbal and written statement presenting the particular facts of the client's case and the conclusive methods or procedures used to rectify the situation or problem.

I don't know who to donate to. Can AngelTech.US give me some suggestions?

Please see Donee Suggestion List under CUSTOMERS/DONEES for more information

More questions?

Terms of Service also answers some of commonly asked questions. Please read it for more information. If you still have questions, please contact us.