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Having computer problems? Let our professionals solve them and help the poor at the same time!

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How It Works

Take a look at the table below and see how hiring us will help those in need. Note that AngelTech.US's tax liability is an estimate only and may change yearly based on the advice from our accounting office. See COMMON QUESTIONS for the exact tax rate for this year.

For example, our professionals set up a home wireless network for you during our Standard service hours. Upon the completion of the job, you pay AngelTech.US a final payment of $149 (see SERVICES and PRICING for more details). 

Your final payment to AngelTech.US $149.00
AngelTech.US pays an estimate tax of 30% $44.70
70% of initial payment remains $104.30
50% is donated by AngelTech.US to the poor that you choose to help $52.15
50% is used to cover our expenses (wage, marketing, recruitment, etc.) $52.15

So what do you, the poor, and AngelTech.US get from all of this?

  • You had your computer problems professionally solved at a very competitive price with a 30-day guaranty.
  • The poor that you choose for us to donate receives tax-free money.
  • AngelTech.US earns money to cover for its expenses to continue its mission to professionally solve computer problems and help the poor at the same time!
We hope that you will choose us for computer support, so together we can help those in need. Please see Partial Donation List under CUSTOMERS/DONEES for the proof of what we describe here.

Thank you!

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